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Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum regular service is for 2 hours per week, or 4 hours per fortnight.


Initial sign up is for a minimum of 3 months, after which you must give us one month’s notice in writing if you wish to cancel the service.


Ironing can be provided as part of your weekly clean or as a stand-alone service (in your home) as long as it meets our minimum requirement of 2 hours per week.

What are the terms and conditions of hiring a regular Belle Casa housekeeper?

Can I choose the day on which the housekeeper comes?

Yes, we ask for a first and second choice of day (just in case your first choice is not available at present) and will do all we can to accommodate your schedule.

Do you use individual housekeepers or teams?

Regular cleans are provided by an individual housekeeper, who will come to your house every week (or fortnight), giving you continuity and the chance to build up a happy working relationship.


Spring cleans and one-off cleans are undertaken by teams - usually two housekeepers working together - to give you best value and maximize the results we can provide for you in the allocated time.

Will I have the same housekeeper each week?

Yes, as far as we can possibly manage, we aim to ensure that you have a dedicated housekeeper who will come to your house at the same time and on the same day each week. This provides continuity for both you and the housekeeper and enables your housekeeper to quickly get to know your home and into a cleaning routine that suits you and your home. It also enables you to exchange contact details with your dedicated housekeeper so that you can get in touch with them directly and them with you, should you need to.


If your dedicated housekeeper is unable to come please contact the office and we will endeavour to send a replacement as soon as possible.  However, at certain busy times of the year such as Christmas & Easter, we cannot guarantee a replacement.

Do you provide cover when my housekeeper goes on holiday or is unwell? 

Yes, it’s all part of the service. We ask our housekeepers to inform you of booked holidays at least two weeks in advance so that we can arrange temporary cover for you should you require it.


If your housekeeper is unwell, they will contact you directly and arrange another time to come instead. If that is not convenient however we will do our best to provide temporary cover with another housekeeper as soon as we can – please just call us in the office.

We ask that you provide the equipment and products that you would like the housekeepers to use, and will advise you on the range of products the housekeepers need.


This ensures that you have complete control over what is used in your home, which is particularly important if you have specialist surfaces or sensitivities. It also ensures that there is no chance of cross contamination of allergens from other homes where, for example, pet hairs are present, and gives you peace of mind that your home is being looked after in the way that you like.

What are your security / key holding arrangements?

If you prefer to be at home when your housekeeper comes that’s absolutely fine, otherwise key holding arrangements are made individually with each client and housekeeper according to your needs and preferences.

What insurance cover is provided?

Our housekeepers are covered for public liability (£2million), personal injury (£10million) and accidental damage while in your home. Please be aware that when claims are made against us for accidental damage, clients may be liable for the excess charge of £125.

What is the quarterly standing order payment for?

Once you have had a visit from us to discuss your needs and agreed on a start date, we require that clients set up a standing order for your quarterly payment, which covers our management costs and insurance. This is not in addition to the advertised hourly rate but simply a part of it. Separating it in this way allows us to keep our overheads low so that we can ensure our rates remain affordable and competitive.

Can I change the housekeeper allocated to me if I have an issue with her or her work?

Whose equipment and products are used?

Yes of course, although this happens very rarely as we take time and care to personally select housekeepers for you whom we feel will be a good ‘fit’ with you, your needs and lifestyle. Should you have any issues or concerns that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your housekeeper in person, please get in touch and we will ensure that everything is sorted out as easily and quickly as possible.

How do you recruit, select and appoint housekeepers?

Our recruitment procedure is rigorous and thorough. We interview all applicants in their own homes and personally undertake all security and identity checks as well as taking up references. As well as having relevant cleaning experience we insist that our housekeepers have the necessary communication skills and take security issues as seriously as we do. Housekeepers who pass all our checks and meet our stringent standards are then taken onto our books.


We allocate housekeepers to clients by personally selecting and matching them to give the best ‘fit’, for example ensuring they live locally to the client, have the necessary skills, experience and manner to suit you and your household.

How do I get started?

Any other questions?

The office is open between 9am - 5:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 5pm Friday, so if you have any other questions or concerns, please call us on 01245 464321 between those times and we’ll be happy to answer them.


Outside of office hours please leave a message on our answer phone and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Call us today on 01245 464321 and we will happily discuss your needs, your home and the help you require before booking a convenient time to come and visit you.